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Building mature disciples of Jesus Christ

Overflow Gatherings {Sundays 6:45pm | Student Center}

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Things to be aware of:

- There is no longer Freshmen Retreat.

- Incoming Freshmen start at MOVE


New Summer Schedule:

06.10 | Last Overflow

06.19 | School's Out Party

07.06 | Mission Trip

07.30 | CIY Move

08.05 | First Overflow of the year

08.12 | Overflow

08.15 | CIY Kingdom Worker Crash

08.19 | Overflow

08.26 | Youth Family BBQ

09.02 | NO Overflow

09.09 | Overflow


Mission Trip Dates

July 6 - 13,  2018

Team Closed

“The Colonia” is a village parallel with the U.S. / Mexican border near McAllen, Texas. Over 500 families have found themselves with nowhere to go but here, living in dismal conditions. Missionaries Bruce and Paula Hepburn have been serving these people for almost a decade; building homes, teaching them skills, and providing needs similar to “Helping Hands”. When they arrived people were stand-offish of each other and there was a lack of community. Now when neighbors see each other they embrace and share whatever they have with each other. This transformation comes from the Hepburns’ commitment to walk beside these people for so long and share the love and hope Christ has for all of his people. We have an opportunity to partner with them and join in their ministry. Our missional goal is to partner with the local ministry as they serve the people of “The Colonia”. 


Our ministry focus is to relationally equip teens to grow into mature disciples of Christ Jesus.

This is possible by leading teens to:

Understand God’s Word and independently respond in a way that is transformative;

which impacts their faith and life choices

Be active in His Kingdom and empowered to live out the Great Commission; 

making disciples in their D-groups, their community and the world

Develop a sense of belonging to Christ and His Church with an eagerness to seek the Holy Spirit’s direction

for their identity and purpose through study and prayer

Through fellowship, grounding their lives in being made into the image of Christ


Essential High School Meetings & Locations
Sunday Night Youth Group {Sundays 6:45pm - 9pm | Student Center}

Things to Know About

Spring Retreat {TBA}
Mission Trip Dates {July 6th - 13th, 2018}

Move: CIY Conference {July 30th - Aug 3rd, 2018}

How to Stay Informed
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Parent Resources
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