• D-Groups

    D-groups is our core way of providing mentorship and small group experience with peers. Modeled after the 12 disciples, D-groups have students from each class (9th-12th), and the same gender. In this environment, mentoring takes place among the students and challenges the norms schools create. Its focus is to have deeper relationships, spiritual growth, evangelism, roles change, & adaptability for Christ.


    Spring Retreat is Overflow’s annual weekend retreat at Trout Creek. This is a huge piece of the spiritual formation that takes place for the students throughout the year. It provides space in their hectic schedules to process and understand a piece of their relationship with Christ. Our goal is to continue growth in their faith journey.
    JAN 27-29, 2017

  • MOVE

    CIY’s Summer Confrence held each year at OSU sees over 1,000 students gather for a week to worship God. Move provides a taste of college living while surrounded by Christ - centered discussions, community, and teachers.
    JULY 31 - AUG 4, 2017

  • Freshmen Retreat

    This retreat is the perfect way to introduce Overflow to incoming freshmen. They will have the opportunity to connect with other youth and leaders from Overflow who are focused on getting to know each of them.

    JUNE 2017 | More Info released in the Overflow Magazine 2017 Spring Issue


    Wander is a small retreat designed to pair the student with a mentor for the weekend to work through what is on the students heart. We are currently in the planning stages and hope to begin in 2017.
    TBA 2017 | Talk to Rick for more information

  • CALL to NERF

    The Nerf War is an elaborate interactive live-action game that places the high schoolers in a mission objective scenario, up against volunteers from the church body. It is our largest event of the year and a great outreach opportunity.

    MARCH 18, 2017 | Church Adult Volunteers Needed

  • Youth Leadership Conference

    A weekend conference focused on equipping students with leadership qualities. 

    FALL 2017

  • MissionS

    We believe missions is local, regional, national, and international (Acts 1:8). Our goal is to empower students to have a heart for missions. We will continue to partner with missionaries who are actively serving the people were they are planted and act as an extension to best serve their ministry.
    Applications TBA Winter | Trip June 30th - July 8th

  • Overflow Magazine

    Stay informed through out the year by picking up a copy of the Overflow Magazine. There are three issues a year filled with articles written by students, pictures, dates and resources.