• Mike Matousek

    Lead Pastor of Administration

    Phone: 503-292-9293 x3007

    Email Mike >

  • Ake LUndBerg

    Minister to Seniors & Pastoral Care

    Phone: 503-292-9293 x3027

    Email Ake >

  • Mike Hildenbrand

    Global Outreach Minister

    Phone: 503-292-9293

    Email Mike >


Contact the current Elders by email at >

  • Steve Gorshe

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  • DAve Griffiths

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  • Mike Williams

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  • Stacey Hillier

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  • John Ristow

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  • SCott Griffith

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  • Patsy Steinfeld

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  • Lori Uhl

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  • Dennis Kviz

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Brad Schlief Interim Middle School Director x3086 email >

Cindy Heinz  Administrative Assistant to Missions, Outreach and Pastoral Care x3054 email >

Carol Carson Assistant to Children and Rhythms x3018 email>

Donna Larson Receptionist x3001 email >

Eric Stearns Choir Director x3052 email >

Janet Fraser Outreach Director x3041 email >

Joan Snow HR and Finance Specialist x3011 email >

Karen Carroll Administrative Assistant to Adult Ministries x3020 email >

Kathy Crick Elementary Director x3017 email >

Laura VanderGiessen Worship & Creative Arts email>

Lorraine Prather Administrative Assistant to Children and Student Ministries x3024 email >

Madi Wall Assistant to Children’s Ministry email>

Melissa Andersen Early Childhood Director x3019 email>

Myra Gassner Facility Manager x3030 email >

Phil Church Worship Team Program Director x3016 email >

Rick Anderson Communication Coordinator x3060 email >

Rick Terletzky High School and Young Adult Director x3028 email >

Travis Cibolski Technical Arts Director x3083 email >

Dan Larson Project Manager x3088 email >