School Support

Making an impact in our community by serving our schools through a focused partnership.

It is our intent to listen and respond to school needs that cannot be met through the staff or the district because of budget, time or other limitations. Our partnership schools are William Walker Elementary (WW) and the middle school it feeds, Cedar Park Middle School (CP).  You are invited to share your gifts in various volunteer capacities or callings, or as needs arise. Contact information & details at the end of this document.

“Schools alone cannot make enough of a difference in the life of a student”

Don Grotting, new BSD superintendent

Recently our gym was full for the Beaverton School District School partnership breakfast event. Principals, business and faith partners heard inspiring examples of what’s working well in our schools and we had the opportunity to network and brainstorm how we can more effectively partner to help kids learn. It was particularly fun to hear from a couple of our Sunset family; Judy Piercey, AVID tutor @ Westview & Christina Mackin, Community Resource Director for the district.  Sunset works with directly with William Walker Elementary & Cedar Park Middle School. If you’ve got even an hour to give, you can join us as we help kids learn and grow. 
Contact to learn more.
William Walker Elementary
One of our second grade teachers (Erika Pollock) is looking for volunteer support in her classroom.  She has multiple places throughout the day where she would like to have volunteers working with students but she would also be happy to have someone who prefers prep work/clerical tasks instead.  Right now her first choice of days would be Wednesday as she does not have any other volunteers on that day but she would be happy to have someone on any other day of the week if that works better for the volunteer (in all honesty she might be the most flexible teacher that I have met). 
For more information contact Carole, William Walker / Sunset coordinator:
Cedar Park Middle School
We need tutors for our 6th grade AVID students who have class on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 - 3:00. This isn't typical tutoring where the tutor needs to have content knowledge beyond the students - it's really more of a facilitator role, and the students tutor each other.  There is a training at the district office to teach tutors the process, and volunteers need to complete some short paperwork. However, the rewards of working with these kids is immeasurable. I'm attaching some information below, along with a short video. Please let me know if you have questions or need more information.  2016-17 AVID Tutor Training In addition to registering for training, volunteers need to send an email to so we can give them the application and background check instructions and links.
For more information contact Brad, Cedar Park / Sunset coordinator:

Helping HAnds

The Helping Hands Food Pantry serves 25+ families per week from the local community or are members or regular attendees of Sunset. Families are provided with a 3- to 5-day supply of groceries.  The Clothing Closet has gently used clothing selections, which vary from week to week. The Clothing Closet is available for all comers.  Clothing sizes range from infant to seniors.  The Helping Hands Pack the Pack backpack program provides weekend food to Beaverton School District students who are experience food insecurity.  The packs are filled with wholesome, family friendly foods. The Community Garden is available for neighbors to rent garden plots for their home use or for distribution via the Helping Hands Food Pantry.

Sunset Presbyterian Church friends and members support Helping Hands by donating financially, through food drives, and by donating gently used clothing and shoes. Financial donations provide funds to purchase food from the Oregon Food Bank.  Retail stores provide weekly food donations (bread, dairy and produce). We are also blessed with some clothing and food drive donations from corporations within our community. Helping Hands is powered by volunteers who desire to follow the example of Christ by serving others.

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