High School mission trip
June 28th - July 5th 2019

Application due byJAN 6 2019


Our hope is to see you extend beyond your comfort zone in ways that allow the Holy Spirit to grow your faith and ground you in His kingdom work. We believe that this missional experience is an opportunity for you to see how God calls us to live missional.

However, we have purposefully left out an important piece.... Where exactly this mission is taking place.

We want you to explore a desire for missions without the location being a factor. During the discernment meeting we will share the location to help you finalize your decision. 



Please prayerfully consider your involvement in this mission trip. Include your parents in this process. Talk to them about missions and your interest in participating. If you feel called to serve, then fill out the High School Ministries Mission Trip Application (a separate document) and turn it in by its due date. 


Even if you are unsure of going on a mission, we encourage you to still apply. We want to walk with you through this decision process and figuring out if this mission is right for you.