Getting our youth to MOVE has become more challenging. The MOVE event is selling out as it has become more popular. And it should. It is a fantastic life changing experience. But now we have to be proactive, in order to make sure we have secured our spots for next year’s event.
The best way to describe the situation is like this:
Buying tickets for MOVE is like a rock concert. In some states, tickets are sold out on opening day of registration. Oregon is headed that direction and we can no longer wait to have sign-ups in May.
So here is our action plan:

Sign up by June 1st
for $396

MOVE: July 29th - Aug 2nd, 2019

Drop off | Monday, July 29th 1pm @ Sunset Church Campus East Entrance

Pick up | Friday, Aug 2nd around 8:30pm @ Sunset Church Campus East Entrance

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