Ambassadors of Reconciliation:
Bible Study

In our focus to become ambassadors of reconciliation, we will continue to learn with a six-week Bible study that goes more in-depth with topics like, “Remember Whose You Are", "Receiving God’s Forgiveness", and "Forgive as God Forgave You". Pastor Steve plus various other facilitators will be leading this study. All are welcome to attend.

Ambassadors of Reconciliation:
All Church Seminar

Have you ever had a confusing conversation/text with someone? Perhaps in your efforts to clarify you accidentally created a conflict. You think it's their fault and they think it's yours. We frequently address conflict by avoiding or even attacking others. When we do, relationships are damaged, business and careers suffer and/or the witness of the church is weakened.

Video of Session One

Video of Session Two

Video of Session Three

Video of Session Four

Video of Session Five

Video of Session Six