Job Openings

Join the Sunset team! We’re all on mission together.

At Sunset Church, our mission is to make disciples of all the nations — who are being transformed into the likeness of Christ. Working at Sunset means striving toward this mission together in differing roles throughout the church.

If you feel called to one of our open job positions, we would love to hear from you.

Missions & Outreach Coordinator

Full-Time Position

The Missions & Outreach Coordinator provides support to the staff, volunteer leaders, and teams under the Outreach Director. By providing logistical and administrative support, she/he aids these ministries and their volunteer leaders, as well as the Outreach Director and other Missions Ministers. This support enables these ministries to meet team and church-wide ministry goals — connecting congregants and community members to the church and the next step in their spiritual journey.

Ministry Host

Part-Time Position

The Ministry Host is responsible for preparing rooms, supporting ministry activities and external events that occur in the building and grounds. This person should have the following gifts of Service, Helps, Hospitality and Stewardship by caring and improving building and janitorial maintenance and keeping the overall building appearance clean, safe, and comfortable environment.

Associate Pastor | Full-Time Position

The primary focus of the Associate Pastor’s work is to support the greater vision of the church by directing the Small Groups and Congregational Care Ministries. This person will provide Pastoral Oversight for Children’s Ministries and Youth Ministries, as well as general Pastoral ministries including preaching, teaching, counseling and officiating at communion, baptisms, weddings, and memorials.