Congregational MEeting

Sunday, July 16

Two elders, Mike Williams and John Ristow, were added to the Session on June 11 to replace Julie Sherrill and Mark Viers.  We are planning to add two more in July to increase the number to nine. We will hold a brief meeting to approve the two Ruling Elder nominations as well as congregational approval for the nominees to the Pastoral Search Committee.

This is a great opportunity to learn from outstanding faculty specializing in various leadership topics. The Summit is for serious-minded leaders who want to sharpen their leadership skills. By attending the summit, you will benefit in these ways:
Be Equipped – From world-class leadership lessons, gain insights, new tools and practical next steps that can be applied to lead better wherever God has called you.
Be Inspired – The Summit is not just an event to gather “facts” or a bunch of content. It is an event that engages not only your mind, but also your heart. We all need to be inspired to keep going, pushing past the challenges we face and to be encouraged...the Summit does just that.
Everyone from students to adults are welcome to this event.