First Steps

Connecting with others is a high value at Sunset. This 30-minute class is an introduction to the Sunset community. Meet one of our lead pastors, get an overview of Sunset’s vision, our Four Core values, leadership structure, Next Steps appointments and a chance to hear the stories of others, as well as tell your own.  All ages welcome.

A great place to start if you are ready for a First Step! Meets monthly, third Sunday, 10:15 – 10:45 am. RSVP to let us know you are coming at the Next Steps counter in the lobby on Sundays.

Membership Classes

If you are interested in becoming a member of Sunset, or if you want to find out more about our denomination, leadership, and ministries, please plan on taking our New Members Class.

Our twice-yearly New Member's Class will be held this fall.


Interested in exploring serving opportunities for your gifts and talents?
We’d love to help you create a list of options to consider and then help you make connections.

To get started complete the How Can I Serve form

Download the How Can I Serve form >       Request a form sent to you by email >
Once we receive your completed form, we’ll contact you to talk through a list of opportunities that match your interests.
Once you’ve looked them over, we’ll contact you to discuss what things you might want to try, and we’ll help you make connections.

Next Steps Appointment

Are you ready to explore taking the Next Step? Our Next Steps Ministry exists to create and cultivate readily available processes for people to take the next steps in their spiritual journey. Next Steps coaches invite you to sit down and share about yourself; who you are and how you would like to get involved at Sunset. We want to encourage you to grow in your spiritual journey by hearing about your story, guiding you into fellowship and Bible study that fits you and facilitating your involvement in serve opportunities.

Set up a Next Steps Appointment >    

Take a spiritual gifts assessment online >


Sunset Presbyterian Church believes that salvation is always a matter of one’s repenting of sins and coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Baptism uniquely portrays the believer’s union with Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. Baptism does not bring us into salvation but rather helps us demonstrate our salvation that comes by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

If you're interested in learning about baptism at our church, please read this document. You can also fill out this form to sign up and learn more about baptism at Sunset.

Baptism Classes

We encourage those who have come to Christ as children, youth, or adults, and have not been baptized as infants, to be baptized as a public profession of faith. If you've been feeling a nudge by the Holy Spirit to proclaim your faith through baptism, we encourage you to take our upcoming class. This class is for anyone who is interested in being baptized.

Our next baptism class will be posted soon.


Is membership in my church really necessary if I am a committed, involved believer?

Jesus did not come simply to give us a ticket to heaven, but to create a new community full of people who are mutually committed to one another in deep, authentic relationships, compelled by Christ's love to support, encourage, challenge, love and meet one another's needs. Just as marriage is an all or nothing commitment to another person, so the Church is married to Christ, but this also means we are married to his Church. This is an unseen spiritual reality for all of us that must be practically real, too. Membership in a local church is the tangible expression of a spiritual reality. See Attachment on Membership >

Membership at Sunset is attained by attending a Membership Class (taught twice a year by our teaching team), through Divine Design, a tool for sharing one's talents, interests and passions, with a trained Coach; meeting with our pastors, and celebrating with church family at a Sunday Service.

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